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Northern Lights

I make works led by feeling, ordinary life seems to be my domain of work narratives at the moment. By spontaneity and mood driven into dissociation and dream’s because the period of time has me deriving meaning. The mundane has found its voice because I’m confined to the same place day after day. Using mixed media acrylic paint and anything I can find to experiment with. My most recent project is called ‘realising reality’ where I’ve been creating works sarcastically saying well I can’t go anywhere so there’s no point in getting ready for anything…using nail polishes and watercolours to create these opposite beautiful scenery’s of where I would wish to be becomes sort of a fantasy. As well as eyeliners and foundation in some pieces suggesting that I’m being stripped down to my rawest self and feeling the anxiety of it all being confined to this one space.


Artist. Creator. Visionary.

Color Prism Transparent


31 Union road, Northam, Southampton, SO140PT


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Color Prism Transparent
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